Big Foot SBFX BF 15 Amp 10-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw Review

Big Foot Tools advertises itself as a tool manufacturing company that is anything but average. Since the company’s founder worked as a framer and carpenter for nearly three decades, Big Foot Tools uses the motto “Made by a framer for framers.” To say their saws are useful tools for timber framers on the is an understatement.

Today we will be taking a look at Big Foot Tools’ 10-1/4 inch Worm Drive Circular Saw. This is the same saw that popularized the Big Foot Tools brand. The heavy duty saw was designed with professional tradesmen in mind. They wanted a circular saw that could make cuts in one precise pass.

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This Big Foot saw is capable of cutting 3 7/8" in one cut, 7 3/4" in two cuts from opposing sides, and 7 or more sheets of ½ inch plywood boards with just one pass. All of which makes the Big Foot 10-1/4-Inch Circular Saw an excellent tool for both amateur and professional timber framers.

First of all, what impressed us with the Big Foot was the saw’s power. The worm drive gear arrangement provides the saw with more than enough power to cut through almost any task required of it. The real beauty of worm drive gearing is the reduced susceptibility to binding and gear failure when compared to other gear arrangements. The worm drive design gives the saw enough torque strength to handle even wet material and lengthy cuts.

The Big Foot did not even have a problem cutting through knots in old wood and other impediments. Even small hidden nails did not slow the saw down but , it will wreck your blade.

With some other saws, you sometimes need to finish the cut with a hand saw. Not needing to use finishing tools to complete a cut is a huge advantage in timber framing. The saw allows you to make cuts at 45-degree angles or less without having to pause and switch to finishing tools, which saves you time and lets you complete the job more efficiently.

Big Foot Tools BF-UG 10

There are no significant extra features on the saw, such as lights or dust blowers, but the Big Foot was never designed to have frills. The saw is meant to be a durable and practical “get the job done” tool. Big Foot certainly hit the mark in this regard. The quality of construction is immediately noticeable and the saw has enough torque to make cuts every bit as well as promised.

The saw comes in at a weight of about 16 pounds, which given the Big Foot’s power, is a reasonable weight. You would not want such a powerful saw to be any lighter or you could lose some control.

Overall, we found the Big Foot easy to use. One feature that helped was the blade positioning. As is common with worm drive saws, the high quality blade is positioned on the left, which we find makes it easier for right-handed operators to follow straight lines. Visibility and line of sight are good with this saw. Although the wider base plate seemed as if it might be a bit bulky at first, we found it did not get in the way at all and actually helped. We even found we could use the saw on bigger pieces of timber by making cuts and then flipping the timber to access the other side for a second cut without needing to pull out a larger saw. Again, this saves time and energy on the job and is useful when doing joinery work.

One real selling point for Big Foot saws is their blades; the Big Foot SBFX is no exception. The saw comes packaged with a carbide-tipped blade, which is a massive improvement over the standard blades included with other saws in its class. The blade is designed to make perfectly straight and controlled cuts without the worry of blade flex.

See the Bigfoot Saw In Action...

As with every saw, it is important to keep a sharp blade. Keeping a spare blade in your toolbox is a good way to keep the Big Foot performing well on the job. It is also important to change the oil in the gearbox after every two hundred hours of use. Keeping up with basic maintenance will keep your saw in good working order.

Big Foot Tools have a reputation for solid customer service. They are an easy company to deal with and the SBFX model comes with a one year warranty. We did not find any problems with the saw, but should any sort of issue occur, we feel confident Big Foot would rectify the problem. Big Foot hand-build their saws in the United States and each saw goes through a thorough inspection before being shipped out.

The Big Foot 10-1/4 inch Worm Drive Circular Saw is a solid choice for any timber  framing pros. It is a top pick in terms of speed, power, and reliability. It is a more than capable tool for professionals and simple enough to use that it would be a suitable choice even for an amateur with occasional DIY projects. The saw was capable of exactly what Big Foot Tools advertised.

We enjoyed using the Big Foot SBFX Saw. It is a one-shot saw that eliminates the need for finishing tools. Despite its serious power, it is relatively light and well balanced, which makes this workhorse a useful tool. The saw is a real joy to use and can save operators serious time with its ability to make complete cuts.

The Big Foot SBFX 10-1/4 inch saw will allow you to complete your projects faster and easier, without sacrificing any quality in your work. There are cheaper circular saws on the market, but given the overall quality and capabilities of the Big Foot, it seems a more than reasonable price.

The Big Foot 10-1/4 inch Worm Drive Circular Saw is available through the following LINK.

10 Saw In Use

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