Timber Frames and Green Building

Green Building and Timber FramesWhen you build a timber frame, chances are you’ll be creating a green building without even knowing it. However, if sustainability is a priority for your building project, then you’ll be glad you chose a timber frame home. Beyond incorporating green measures like high-efficiency appliances and regulated lighting systems, timber frame buildings, by their nature, are considered green in the following ways:

Local Sourcing of Materials

In most instances, timbers and other materials can be sourced locally. In some cases, you can even select certain standing trees from your building site to use in the construction of your home. In the region where Timber Frame HQ  operates, there are still several local sawmills, so you can be sure you’re supporting your local economy if you choose to have your beams hewn offsite.

Recycling of Materials

Some homeowners choose to recycle existing timbers. This can prove beneficial for your structure, since salvaged timbers have gone through a curing process and they maintain their shape for the life of the structure. Also, you’re recycling! Doing so can earn you credits toward LEED certification, if that’s something you’re interested in. Your project manager should work with you to ensure that your salvaged timbers are structurally sound. He may also be able to help you locally source your recycled timbers.

Maximizing the Site’s Natural Features

When you build a custom home, you can use the natural features of the land to contribute to the efficiency of your house. An example of this can include incorporating south-facing windows all the way to constructing a rammed-earth home built into a hillside.

Sustainable Structures mean Green Building

Lastly, timber frame structures simply last longer than conventionally-built homes. Some of the country’s oldest structures have timber frame foundations. In most instances, timber frames maintain their structural integrity through fire and other disasters. Their legendary durability means you’ll only have to build one, and it will last a lifetime, maybe more.

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