Green Building

Solar Powered Timbered Home

Energize Your Home – The Green Way

You do not need to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy the benefits of alternative energy and to take advantage of the technological advances that make backup and off-grid solutions possible. In the past decade, these systems became quite affordable and widespread in building and design. Solar energy in particular gained many followers as […]

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Structural Insulated Panels

What’s a SIP?

What’s a SIP?  Structural Insulated Panels, known as SIPs, are not a new idea. The whole concept actually began in 1937 when the United State Forestry Service began a quest to conserve our forests. The building industry started looking at foam core paneling in the 1970s with renewed interest, and it has since developed into an […]

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Green Building and Timber Frames

Timber Frames and Green Building

When you build a timber frame, chances are you’ll be creating a green building without even knowing it. However, if sustainability is a priority for your building project, then you’ll be glad you chose a timber frame home. Beyond incorporating green measures like high-efficiency appliances and regulated lighting systems, timber frame buildings, by its nature, is […]

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