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Timber Frame Costs – Why is it so Difficult?

Transcript of Video:

Hello, this is Timber Frame HQ< and in this short video, we are going to talk about timber frame costs and why it is difficult for a timber frame company to give you hard and fast number during your first discussions with them.  There are several reasons why this question is not only hard to answer but almost impossible without detailed drawings and without getting to know you and what you want from your frame.

I’m going to use the analogy of buying a new car since my wife just got rear-ended and we just went through the car buying process.  Let’s take the Ford Motor Company as an example, you start with the Fiesta model, clean lines and simple, then you move up to the Focus, then to the Fusion model and finally to the Taurus the top model at Ford.

Now each one of these car models has different sub-models, the s, the se and ses and each one has different options and prices.  These cars come with a wide variety of options and we all know that the more expensive the car the more bells and whistles.

My point is that buying the timber frame is similar to buying a car as far as the prices concerned there are so many options at the beginning so makes it hard for the timber frame companies to put an accurate price on a project right off the bat.  From the timber species, the complexity of the floor plan, the location of the project, there are so many variables and different facets to a timber frame.  All which affect the cost.

Which by the way is one of the most beautiful things about them because each frame becomes is its own work of art.

So my advice to you is this, although the timber frame company can give you a rough ballpark number of their average cost for a timber frame at during your first conversation, they will need to develop some details and more information from you and your plans to give you an accurate number that you can take to the bank.

I hope you found this video helpful and if you have any other questions about the cost of a timber frame or how you can save money on your timber frame please visit timber frame HQ.com for more information and resources on timber frames and timber framing and don’t forget to say hi to us at facebook.com/timberframehq

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