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How Much Does A Timber Frame Cost?

When people build houses, they take a lot of things into consideration.  After all, building a house is a big step – one that usually signals a new beginning in the lives of couples and families.  Construction companies know this, which is why the construction business doesn’t operate in a one-size-fits-all kind of policy.  The homeowners have ideas as to how they want the design and structure to look like, and the construction company will make sure that the homeowner’s vision is delivered.  Of all the many factors that should be considered, one factor stands out from the rest.  That factor is cost.  No matter how grand a homeowner’s vision for his house is, this vision will have to be checked against the How Much Does A Timber Frame Cost?homeowner’s budget.  At the end of the day, the cost is what usually dictates what the final output will look like.  In building timber frame homes therefore, the most important question is how much does a timber frame cost?

The first thing homeowners should know  is that estimating  is largely dependent on the specifications of the house and the details.  However, compared to houses made of the more traditional materials, construction companies can estimate the cost a lot more accurately.  This is a big advantage for homeowners who are making the decision, because an accurate estimate will allow them to adjust their budgets or adjust the design if necessary.

Secondly, homeowners should note that there are two components that need to be considered in computing for total costThe first component is the actual cost of the timber frames used to build the house.  In most (but not all) cases, they are slightly more expensive than the usual bricks and cement.  However, this is not the only cost component homeowners should look at.  While the materials used in timber framing are slightly more expensive, other factors will even out the equation and in the end, timber framing will cost roughly as much as regular construction materials.  These factors pertain to the process of building the house, which entails a lot of overhead expenses and labor cost.  Construction using timber is a lot quicker, which saves homeowners on a lot of additional overhead.  Understanding these two cost components is important for homeowners to make a wise decision.

Another aspect that will affect the cost is the size of the house.  This may be surprising, but bigger homes (big vs. small floor area, 2-story vs. 1-story) are actually more efficient to build, so they will tend to cost less on a per-square-foot basis.    The design details are another factor that affects the costs of your home, because the more complicated the homeowner wants the house to look, the more difficult it will be to build.  Simpler and more straightforward designs will make more efficient use of the raw materials, and generally take a shorter time to build.  Additionally, the interiors will also affect the price, especially if some owners have special requests.

With all the factors that need to be considered in cost of a timber frame, it is best if the homeowners really explore all their options way ahead of time.  This will ensure that they get the best possible house for their money.

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