Timber Frame Corbel

Spline and Tenon with Timber Frame Corbel


Octagonal Timber Frame with CorbelThis detail was created out of a need to join a timber frame corbel, post and plate together in a hexagonal structure that will serve as a gate hut for a local golf club.  In this case the corbel is not carrying any gravity loads but lateral loads.  I saw an opportunity to make the tenons on the corbel act as a spline for the plate, and a tenon on the post, thus joining the three pieces together.  We added a couple of structural screws to the plate to post connection to insure the joinery looks good for the long haul.

This did pass through an engineer’s eye in large part because the loads on this are so small given the size of this frame.  The corbel will be made out of a 4×14 timber.

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