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Rafter to Post with Tenon Connection

timber rafter to post with tenon

This rafter to post with tenon connection is a popular way to join a timber frame rafter to a post and is easy to cut and assemble.  The rafter has a tenon which is fully housed by at least an inch into the mortise in the post,  and is secured with a couple of 1” pegs.  The plates are connected to the post with a spline that helps with reducing the amount of “meat” that is taken from the post.

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6 thoughts on “Rafter to Post with Tenon Connection”

  1. Ryan,
    In this configuration it is not possible to have the rafter extend out to handle any eave details or to support an overhang. Instead this detail would allow one to have an enclosure system that is on the outside of the timber frame such as SIP panels that would structurally create an walls, overhang and eave. Check your email, I just sent you an image from the 20×24 plan on the site that has rafter tails that extend pass the post, this and extending the common rafters beyond the plate would allow a overhang to be carried by the frame. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Can you give dimensions of the detail. I am taking timber to the sawmill to build a 16×24 cabin using that has this layout.



  3. Dan, Can you be more specific, I do not have all the dimensions for this in one place or drawing that I can send you but if you let me know which ones you need I will go and get them.

  4. I have been looking into better methods for stick framing, and one thing I like about a lot of timber framing is the rafters don’t extend out into the elements. I came across the term ‘sprocket’ for a rafter extension, which I imagine probably came into being as an easily replaceable member that would support the eaves without endangering the rafters.

    Of course, that’s just my theory!

  5. I think your ‘Witch’s Hat’ detail might serve the same purpose as the ‘Sprocket’ I mentioned a moment ago..?

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