10 Reasons To Cover Your Timber Frame Deck

Many homeowners have patios or timber frame decks they enjoy during warm, dry weather, but once the rain starts or the winter season begins, that piece of real estate closes down for the season.

So much new home construction includes a patio or deck, but very few of these outdoor spaces seem to have a roof. Why spend thousands of dollars on a space that you can’t use most of the year? Consider adding a permanent cover or roof to your outdoor space to make the most of your home.

Covered Timber Frame Deck1. Protection From Mother Nature

Whether the sun is mercilessly beating down or it’s raining cats and dogs, a roof over your deck allows you to enjoy the outdoor space regardless of the weather.

Even in the winter, a roof over the patio makes the area much more user friendly; from sitting on a chair while the kids build a snow fort or a place to rest for a few minutes with a steaming cup of cocoa in between snowball battles.

2. Save On Summer Cooling Costs

If your patio is situated on the sunny side of the house, a roof can help to reduce your summer cooling costs. That shade can keep your home’s interior cooler and reduce the need for air conditioning.

3. Climate Control Options

With a patio roof, you can install an overhead mister for those hot summer days. That’s almost as good as running through a sprinkler!

Even better, you can use outdoor heaters that will actually warm you. Since heat rises, you’re keeping a lot of that heat where it does some good.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

With a covered patio, an outdoor kitchen is a real option. Electricity, lighting and all the conveniences of your indoor kitchen make outdoor cooking a real joy. You could also install a bar, and of course, the iconic barbecue grill.

5. Structured Lighting

An overhead light, a fan and task lighting are all doable with a permanent roof. You can add outlets for strings of light or include a fun chandelier over your outdoor dining area.

Your choices in lighting become almost limitless with the protection of a permanent cover.

6. Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture has come a long way over the years and you can spend as much on an outdoor set as you would for your family room furniture. A roof allows you to leave your furniture in place without worry. You can even leave most of your accessories outdoors all year long.

With the size and amount of outdoor furniture getting larger, you don’t need loads of storage space for all your outdoor seating in the winter. With your furniture outside and waiting, you might be surprised how often you use your deck all 12 months of the year.

7. Reduce Maintenance

Since your deck is covered, you’ll need to power wash, stain and reseal less frequently. With less moisture and exposure to the elements, your wood will have a longer life expectancy.

You don’t need to remove furniture cushions between uses, as they’ll stay dry and ready to use anytime. You’ll also need to do less cleaning up before using your deck. Usually, a simple wipe down with a damp rag is all that’s needed.

8. Increase The Value Of Your Home

A covered patio or deck can add value to your home. The amount varies depending on the materials used and whether the roof is part of the house or added as a freestanding unit.

It also adds to the desirability and curb appeal of your home when it’s time to sell.

9. A Seamless Transition From Outdoors To Indoors

This space becomes more of a room. You can decorate it in similar ways to your family room. You can add a television, fireplace, sound system and other amenities associated with your family room.

It can also act as an impromptu mudroom if you don’t have space for the kids leave their boots and outdoor things.

10. An Additional Entertainment Space

Whether you need more space for parties or a place for the kids to congregate, your covered deck is a perfect solution. Set up seating and tables for casual dining or comfortable chairs for lounging and hanging out. Set up a table and stools for the kids to do crafts or simply get away to read a good book in the quiet of your backyard.

This versatile space may become the most popular room in your home.

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Cover Your Timber Frame Deck”

  1. Need source to review options and various plans for covered deck or possible enclosed deck/sunroom

  2. Ed, Other than plans on this site you could also head to Houzz.com or Pinterest and do a search for timber frame decks and sunrooms. You should be able to find what you need there.

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