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2 thoughts on “Floor System Post Pocket Detail”

  1. I am planning on buying one of your plans this coming week and will start construction right away. Some of the barriers I have are floor design, I would like to use 4 concrete pillars as a foundation but I am having a hard time imagining how to tie the floor and the timber frame together. Here in our area we have strong winds and I feel the weight of the structure would be sufficient but I would definitely need to attached the floor and the frame together.

    I had thought of using a steel peg in the center of the timber frame uprights, then boring a hole into two of the four over lapping floor beams but do not like the rust factor involved with steel pegs.

    I had also thought about using a mortis and tenon cut to join the uprights to the floor beams but this seems like it would compromise the beam integrity.

    if you have any thoughts or help I would greatly appreciate the help.

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