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KITE Anchor Point and Fastener Set

Anchor Point

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Fastener Set (Wood)

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The KITE anchor point is ideal in many different situations: extremely flexible in application, it can be installed on flat, sloping or vertical timber, concrete or steel structures, ensuring safety for the operator.

This product comes with the 3 screws necessary for secure installation into wooden structures.

Laser cut from a single piece of 430 stainless steel with no welding points, it improves safety in all its applications. Maximum load is one user per anchor.

The minimum size of timber to anchor to is 4″x4″, but you can also secure the KITE to steel or concrete.

KITE specifications
KITE specifications
KITE Anchor diagram

Click here for technical data sheets.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

Photos courtesy of Rothoblaas.

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