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Timberlinx – A475SS


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4.75″ Pipe. ‘Half-connector’ with one pin at one end
One slot with 7/8″ internal thread at other end
Overall length 4-3/4″
Pin hole center from end of timber =3-7/8″
(when connecting post to concrete and post to steel)
Pin hole center to center = 7-7/8″ + exposed threaded rod (when you use two A475’s + threaded rod to customize your own TIMBERLINX)


Designed to customize any length of TIMBERLINX you require
Concealed hold-down, wood to concrete
(A475 attached to 7/8″ concrete expansion anchor)
Join wood to steel
(A475 attached to 7/8″ threaded rod with 7/8″ nut and washer)
Customers are discovering new uses for A475 every day

Connectors ship with 4″ pins unless 2-1/2″ pins requested

Download Common Joint Configurations

Download the Installation Manual

Download  the CCMC Engineering Report on the Timberlinx connector

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Photos courtesy of Timberlinx.

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