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JELLY Painting Machine


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Attention painters and trim carpenters: With the JELLY wood painter, an optimal and uniform result is guaranteed, saving both time and money.

Designed to paint wooden elements with a maximum section of 12" x 3.5", JELLY guarantees excellent application on 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sides.

The JELLY can be operated by a single person, but with a working capacity of two people painting 4 sides you could paint over 2,000 square feet per hour. That's equivalent to painting 1,333 lineal feet of 1x8 exterior siding PER HOUR or 2,400 lineal feet of 1x4 window trim PER HOUR!

Excess paint or finish drips into a catch can and is easily recovered for re-use. See the videos below for just how easy operation is

Spare rolls, brushes and nozzles can be ordered separately, just contact us.

JELLY Painting Machine Specs

Click here for technical data sheets.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Photos and videos courtesy of Rothoblaas.

Weight 135 lbs
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