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Nick Guilbeau Yellow Pine Lean-to Cabin

Project Information


Nick Guilbeau

Wood Species:

Yellow pine

Timber Framer:

Nick Guilbeau

Project Location:

Leesville, South Carolina

Project Description:

20×32 main building with 12×32 enclosed lean to

Project Images:

8 thoughts on “Nick Guilbeau Yellow Pine Lean-to Cabin”

  1. Nick,

    Nice work! I live north of Charlotte NC roughly 2 hrs north of you… Would you mind letting me check out the cabin sometime? I’m eager to build on myself but I’m just gathering ideas at the moment…



  2. Absolutely beautiful! Wife and I fell in love with this. The setting in the landscape perfect. loved the beauty and strength of the timber frame.

  3. What size are those posts, 8×8, 10×10? Great job. Love to see follow up photos as it comes together.

  4. Nick,

    I’m about 30 minutes from you in Irmo. Give me a shout if you need some help as I will need some this winter on my projects. I’m hoping to build something similar so would love to see it sometime. Billy Ray Davis

  5. Thanks Nick; Wife and I are closing on a very large parcel of land in in the mountains of NH. Plan to start building in the spring after the mud season. Same footprint as you have done but with a basement.
    Would be great to see finished photos of your work at completion.
    Just think, with your skill you can now build them and make a good living at it
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Very nice! About the size O want on my property near Asheville. I too would be willing to ‘barn raise’ with you. (Log construction background). Beautiful place!

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