Dorin Mixed Species Shed

Project Information

Timber Framer:

Neil Dorin

Wood Species:

Spruce, Pine, Poplar


Neil Dorin


Neil Dorin


 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Project Description:


Needed a custom shed, mainly to vertically store lumber slabs up to 12′ long and other typical items. Based on some of your shed plans, I custom designed this frame to suit the location, and the local bylaw restrictions to allow it to be built without requiring a permit from the city development department. It had to be less than 10 m2 in area and no taller than 4.6m.

I started this project in spring of 2020, just as the lockdowns were beginning. I decided I needed something to keep myself busy. Since I already had an Alaskan chainsaw mill and a log trailer I used to mill my own lumber for woodworking projects, I decided to source all the logs and mill all the timbers myself, which I did by partnering with local arborists to get all the logs for free from local trees that were being taken down. All the siding was either milled from local spruce logs for the board and batten portion, or reclaimed cedar for the upper portion.

At the time, I was the president of the local woodworking club. We used this as an opportunity to gather safely outdoors to teach timber frame joinery and held a seminar in October of 2020 where we cut most of the joinery over a weekend and raised the first bent.There will be a loft added to one half of the frame in spring of 2022. Joinery was cut for the additional loft timbers but the weather in fall of 2021 forced me to focus on getting the siding finished and closed in to make it usable for the winter.

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