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9 thoughts on “Masonry and Post Connection Detail”

  1. Useful detail. Has there been a slab foundation where it integrated radiant heat and below slab insulation?

  2. Yes this detail is compatible with a radiant floor and under slab insulation. You will just need to plan out your post locations and make sure the pipe is not located under the post.

  3. We are building a 24w x 54 Lx 16H timber frame house with the front being mostly large windows .Would a thickened slab like this require additional concrete depth or reinforcement under the columns/posts to distribute the point load or would a different foundation design work better. Do you sell foundation plans?

  4. In this detail what is the load on the slab where the post connects? Or, what would be the maximum this would carry ? I spoke with an engineer about a slab for my frame and his said sonotubes would be needed under each post. Your detail looks simple enough, although I wish to add radiant heat to mine.

  5. Neal, there are a bunch of factors when figuring the load out, this is a standard detail used for a bunch of different projects. Radiant floor is an easy addition to this system. What is your frost depth?

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