Eric Streit Eastern White Pine Porch

 Eastern White Pine Porch

Project Information


Eric Streit

Timer Framer:

Eric Streit

Project Location:

Central New Hampshire

Wood Species:

Eastern White Pine (green)

Project Description:

We wanted to add some curb appeal and a functional place for us to enjoy the 4 beautiful seasons in New Hampshire. For some time I’ve been fascinated with timber framing and post and beam construction. I didn’t know where to start and diving right into a barn project was too intimidating. This front porch project let me get my feet wet with timber framing, and although it’s not 100% finished it’s already our favorite place to hang out. The backbone of the frame is the king-post truss which is roughly based on TFHQ truss design and allowed me to get a 20′ span across the front. I simplified the construction (due to my inexperience) by replacing the fancy joinery with T-REX connectors from Connext Post and Beam. I’m hooked, and looking forward to my next TF project.

Project Images:

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5 thoughts on “Eric Streit Eastern White Pine Porch”

  1. Looks awesome. Did You have to cut into the overhang or were you able to do it without removing a section of the eave? Thanks

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