32×28 Monitor Barn

32x28 King Post Barn  Birdseye View Rendering

The raised center aisle sets the tone for this gorgeous 32×28 monitor barn and creates many possibilities! Also called a raised center aisle barn, that tall ceiling can give you a huge volume feel. Or you can floor all or part of it to use as a sleeping or storage loft. If you enclose the entire frame, you’ll have 896 square feet between the posts. But you could also leave one or both of the eight-foot-wide wings open to use for a porch or animal and equipment shelter.

The center aisle of this 32×28 monitor barn is sixteen feet wide with a ceiling that soars to 16’-9”. That makes for a very spacious feeling. You can carry the 8×8 posts to the ground or set them atop an optional masonry pier foundation. The posts and plates are 8x material for a sturdy structure that will be built to last. Rafters and knee braces are 4x material.

These plans are formatted as a pdf that you can download as soon as you purchase.  You can print this from home on 8 ½” x 11” paper or take them to a copy shop to print on 11”x17” for easier reading. There are 30 pages full of the information you need to complete this frame.  We include a three-D rendering and an exploded axonometric drawing so you can see how the major timbers relate to each other.  There are dimensioned plans, section, and elevation drawings, and we also include a timber list so you can budget and shop for your materials. In addition,  we provide dimensioned piece drawings showing all the cuts for your timbers. 

Check out this plan in our shop: 32×28 Timber Frame Monitor Barn.

32x28 King Post Barn Perspective

Plan Guarantee

Important Information:

Purchaser agrees that the use of the plan is for the construction of one house or frame only*, and that the plan or any part of it will not be reproduced by any means without the written consent of the copyright owner.

Timber Frame HQ provides plans for construction purposes but does not oversee the construction. The plan purchaser is responsible for assuring the plan meets local codes and regulations. It is the responsibility of the plan purchaser to obtain any and all structural analysis, engineering and specifications that may be required in the municipality in which it is to be built. Plan purchaser is to verify all lot conditions and measurements before construction. Purchaser is responsible for additional expenses incurred in order to meet local code and engineering requirements.

Customer understands that the following conditions in your specific area may require additional engineering:

  1. Wind / hurricane / tornado
  2. Seismic / earthquake
  3. Heavy snow
  4. Flood potential
  5. Soil instability
  6. Timber Frame Engineering

Customer understands that HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical will not be included in all plans.

When you purchase a set of plans, you are purchasing a limited copyright license for a design giving you the right to build that structure one time at your location. Your copyright license was granted when you paid the purchase fee. You do not have the right to build the design a second time unless you have a signed agreement with Timber Frame HQ. Please note that copyright law protects “derivative works” the same as it protects the original design. That means that making some changes doesn’t make it a new design. We do not allow modifications of our designs by others, without permission. Your copyright license does not allow another professional to represent our design work as their own.

Timber Frame HQ retains all common law, statutory and other reserved rights, including the copyright. This applies even when you have participated in the development of the design to a significant degree.

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25 thoughts on “32×28 Monitor Barn”

  1. Anthony Esposito

    I would like to build a Pavilion in the style of your Monitor barn 24′ wide and 20′ deep. Can I get plans for this?

  2. Interested in Monitor barn plans. However, need plans that are 32 x 40 instead of your 32 x 28. I would need center part of building taller so as to be able to put windows in walls above the lean-tos on both sides. Also, wondering about structure as to what loads it is designed to withstand.

  3. Katrina Williams

    You can check out our custom design services here. As far as loads, Most of our plans are rated for 40 psf but that depends on other factors like seismic areas, wind load, wind exposure, timber species and more.  When in doubt we recommend that you consult an engineer.  We also offer engineering services as an add-on to our stock plan; you can request them through the custom design department.

  4. I like the 32×28 monitor barn plan – have a few questions.
    1.Is the foundation plan as shown included in the plans?
    2. How high are the large door openings (need to get a compact tractor with cab in, so probably need a 9-foot door)?
    3. I’m having trouble picturing the area where the two roof lines come together – how it would be finished. It seems very short, maybe 12 inches or so. I see many monitor barn plans where the height is greater. Do you have any as-built finished pictures of this barn?
    4. If I wanted to put an upper storage loft on half the main barn, do the plans specify optional floor joist timbers?

    Thanks. Jim

  5. Katrina Williams

    1. The foundation piers are optional and we do not include foundation plans.
    2. The bottom of the tie beams on the gable ends are roughly 9′-9″ high
    3. There is about a foot and a half between the roof lines. Sorry, we don’t have any as-built pictures.
    4. The plans do not include loft joists.

  6. Les plans sont numériques et téléchargeables. Nous pouvons expédier des copies papier moyennant des frais supplémentaires.

  7. What type of borax treatment do you guys recommend for a timber frame pavilion ?
    I’ve ordered heritage exterior
    but would like to treat with a borax before it’s applied. Just not sure what borax product to use.

  8. Katrina Williams

    You can use Tim-bor Professional, Bora-Care, EndRot Borate Powder, SHELL-GUARD RTU (Ready To Use)- BORATE-GLYCOL WOOD PRESERVATIVE or
    Milliard Borax Powder

  9. I’m looking for this Monitor plan with larger posts and beams (we will cut from our farm) and about 3,000 SF under roof. Can we discuss getting this plan?

  10. Katrina Williams

    We do take on custom projects and would like to talk to you further about yours. Check out our page, HERE, describing what we offer and the process of our custom design services. 

    Fill out the design questionnaire so we can understand your needs. That’s the best way to communicate with our team and get an estimate for design services.

    As soon as we get your information and give it a quick review we’ll contact you. Please allow a couple of days for our designers to respond.  

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