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Wedged Mortise and Tenon Joint

Wedged Mortise and Tenon

This  mortise and tenon joint uses a wedge in conjunction with a tapered tenon and mortise to hold itself together giving you a clean looking connection.  The key in this joint’s strength is to have all the bearing surfaces between the post, wedge and tenon fit perfectly.  The wedge’s large surface faces outwards towards the housing side of the post, allowing you to drive the wedge in as the frame dries over time.


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4 thoughts on “Wedged Mortise and Tenon Joint”

  1. Greg,
    Whether you use a drilling rig or a chain mortiser it is best to layout the joint at both ends and mortise it out from both ends. This allows for proper alignment and a clean looking joint. A chain mortiser would be the most efficient way to cut the joint, but I have cut many with a drill bit.

  2. I would like to buy your Wedged Mortise and Tenon Joint Timber Frame Cabin Plans from you? 16’x20′ ?

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