Spotlight: Terence Maimone

Terence Maimone
Terence Maimone

As our design department continues to grow, we are excited to welcome Terence Maimone to the team at Timber Frame HQ! Terence joins the Custom Design department as Architectural Technologist and Timber Frame Designer.

Terence studied Architectural technology at Vanier College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His passion for preserving our environment led him to a career path that focused on using wood as a building material. He was employed utilizing Cadwork, which as Terence says “in my biased opinion, is the best software for modeling & manufacturing wood-based projects.”  Terence progressed from there to learn the finer points of all forms of wood construction. He says that includes “stick frames, to CLT structures, to log homes, to my personal favourite: Mass Timber Frames”.

Terence has been carving out his own path in his career.  He is especially proud of one project, a collective workspace office in Montreal called Crew.  As he describes it, “There would be conference rooms, and work pods within an old bank. The architect was looking for a way to make the 10’ conference rooms seem like they belonged in a 200 year old space with a 60’ ceiling. They decided on having all of the walls finished with a real brass plated metal sheet. Then my team finished designing how we could build it, the architect was not too pleased to say the least. We knew it would be impossible to build these panels perfectly to size, when the walls had not even been put up yet. So we had to account for a certain amount of tolerance, and design a trim to cover these tolerances. The architect was convinced it would ruin the entire look of the project and we almost got removed from the project due to this one issue. But when the owners, architect and the office users saw their new work space, they could not even notice how we hid the gaps, and they were astonished with the work”.

Terence remembers one project he was a part of that was particularly challenging. He was hired to supply the furniture and fixtures for the VIP dining area at Centre Bell, a multi-purpose arena in Montreal. The VIP area was to serve the friends and family of the Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team. As Terence describes the project, “The catch being, they absolutely needed the extremely custom project done in 4 weeks, less than half the time we told them was necessary. Of course, we could not pass up the opportunity to work on such a prestige project and to work alongside such incredible designers. But even after calling in all the favours I’ve accumulated over the course of my career, and building a very quick sample, it was looking unlikely that we were going to get this project done by the beginning of the hockey season. It was quite a stressful month of working long hours, acclimating new employees we needed, while juggling between speaking English, French , and whatever Italian I was could possibly muster up. In the end, we found a way to get it done as a team. But I’m still waiting for those tickets from my old manager…”

Terence is looking forward to contributing to the ongoing projects at Timber Frame HQ. He says: “Alongside Moyer, and William, I hope to be a great addition to the design team. I can’t wait to hear the joy in our client’s voices when they step into their new home or have a barbecue under their new pergola.

You can reach Terence by email at

Welcome aboard, Terence!

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