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SKILSAW 16-5/16 In. Magnesium Super Sasquatch Worm Drive Saw Product Review

There are a lot of circular saws out there that ensure clean cuts with a single pass in 6x material but the only one can claim that title of the biggest worm drive saw on Earth. The SKILSAW Super Sasquatch Worm Drive Saw was made for the big jobs and, with its internal motor cooler, it definitely delivers to make timber cutting a breeze and ensure perfect cuts. Let’s take a look at what you need to know before you decide if this Skilsaw model is a saw worth adding to your tool collection.

What Is a Worm Drive Saw?

Before we get the Super Sasquatch specifically, let’s take a look at worm drive saws, in general, This style saw got its name from the gear that drives it and understanding how it works will give you some idea of why the Super Sasquatch is so powerful.

In a worm drive, the motor is in line with the blade which ensures even the least experienced user can deliver more power. Here’s how it works. The worm screw sits atop the worm wheel. The motor spins the shaft where the worm screw is located. The screwface then pushes on the teeth of the worm wheel which rotates the gear. Because of the way that the gear is oriented to the motor, worm drives are capable of delivering enough torque to cut through thick beams, wet lumber, or even concrete. It’s for these reasons that a worm drive saw is popular for major renovations.

Why Choose a Worm Drive Saw?

There are a few reasons why you might prefer a worm gear to a standard circular saw. First, they’re more powerful. Because of the way the worm drive works, the gear only moves in one direction. Meaning that the worm screw drives the gear but the gear can’t move the worm screw. This makes it possible to produce more power and makes the saw run more smoothly.

Another reason why worm drive saws are great is because of the position of the blade. It’s on the user’s side (if you’re right-handed) and makes it easier to see the cutting area. It’s more comfortable to use and keeps your arm, wrist, and hand in a more natural position.

Saskwatch worm drive

Now that you know what makes a worm drive saw special, let’s take a closer look at the Super Sasquatch from SKILSAW, the biggest worm drive saw on Earth.

First of all, it has a 6 ¼-inch cutting capacity that can cut straight through 6x6s in one pass and 4x4s at an angle. Before the Sasquatch, you’d have to make two cuts. First, you’d make a cut on the top then flip the lumber and make a cut opposite the first one. The risk, though, was that these cuts wouldn’t line up properly, especially when cutting at an angle. Sometimes, these mismatches can be fixed easily. Other times, they could ruin an expensive piece of lumber. The ability to cut once saves frustration and possibly even money. Plus, imagine how much time you’d save on a big job if you didn’t need to turn 6x6 beams and posts every time you had to cut one through.

Another great thing about the Super Sasquatch is the all-magnesium construction. Magnesium is lightweight and really durable so it’s the perfect material for a saw of this size. It’s able to deliver the necessary power while still being as tough and lightweight as possible.

Included is a 15 5/16” SKILSAW blade so you can start working as soon as you get the saw. Combined with the diecast magnesium foot, this saw gives you accurate cuts every time.

There are a lot of things that make this saw convenient to use, too. The dust collection port comes in really handy and connects to most standard dust collection systems. The power cord is really long, too, so you have plenty of room to work.

This is a tool meant for big jobs. The powerful 2.8-horsepower, 15-amp Dual-Field motor operates cooler to provide even more power, and an electric brake that quickly stops the blades for increased productivity and safety.

Another cool thing about this saw is that it has a movable auxiliary handle that can be positioned on the top or front of the saw. Choose the position that feels more natural for the best control.

SKILSAW offers a pretty great warranty, too. In addition to a 1-year warranty for parts and labor, the Super Sasquatch is also covered with their 180-day money-back Stay True guarantee. Use your new saw for 180 days and if you’re not happy, you can return it to where you bought it for a no-questions-asked full refund.

You might be wondering if there are any downsides, and the truth is there aren’t many. This is a high-quality saw that does what it says it’s going to do. Remember, this is a large saw meant for big jobs. The only downside is that you might not need it depending on the work you do.

Saskwatch worm drive saw

Who Is This Tool for?

The Super Sasquatch is best suited for someone who frequently works with 6x6s or other large, timber. It’s a great framing saw and is ideal for projects that use reclaimed material. If you’re a professional who does a lot of big renovations, this saw will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Do You Need the Largest Worm Drive Saw on Earth?

If you do a lot of large renovations or frequently work with 6x6 posts or reclaimed material, you’ll wonder what you ever did without this saw. Just the fact that it can cut through 6x6s in one pass will save you a lot of time.

But what if you don’t do that kind of work? Should you still get this saw? Well, it’s really up to you. If you have a lot of power tools, you know that you’ll find some way to use it. It’s lightweight, powerful, and pretty reasonably priced considered everything it can do.

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6 thoughts on “SKILSAW 16-5/16 In. Magnesium Super Sasquatch Worm Drive Saw Product Review”

  1. We love ours! The only thing that would make it hands down 100% is if it beveled to 60 degrees. But, we’ll take the lighter weight, power and worm drive for now and patiently wait for when/if they redesign it for the higher bevel cut capability. I’m sure they are able to do it! We love Skilsaw.

  2. I’ve used the Makita 16″ a lot and there is a lot of things I would change on it. Look like Skilsaw has addressed some of the issues found on the Makita. I have a 7 1/4 worm drive from skilsaw and love it and I think that next time I need a 16″ saw I will get the Super Sasquatch!!

  3. Look like great successful tool.
    We would like to have it, but 220 Volts.
    If there is anybody from the manufacture company who read my request.
    Most European Countries as well Turkey has 220 Volt.
    There no no any worm drive saw around here.
    Huge market are waiting you.

  4. I own one of these saws, probably the first one imported into New Zealand.

    (I have to run it through a transformer as our voltage here is 230v (no issue)).

    This saw is a gentle giant, a remarkable saw and fits in well will my speciality mill…etc.

  5. Been waiting for this for years.I got the 10 1/4 as soon as it came out but had no idea they would be making a 16″. Bought one immediately. All I can say is my two Makitas and one Ryobi will never see the lite of day again. This saw is smooth and powerful and the large base gives it perfect balance. I appreciate the handy stand a great place to park the saw while in use as well as in storage.

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