Clydesdale Frames – Kovac Hybrid Timber Frame Home

Clydesdale Hybrid Timber Frame Home

Project Information

Company or Owner:

Jeremy Kovac


Clydesdale Frames Co & Homeowner

Timber Framer:

Clydesdale Frames Co



Project Location:

Saint Joseph, MO

Wood Species:

Douglas Fir

Project Description:

From the first meeting with Clydesdale Frames Co, Jeremy Kovac knew who was going to build his timber frame. He toured one of their recent homes and was sold immediately. The first thing that stood out was the size of the timbers they used in their frames. As Jeremy says, "I can't say enough about John and his team at Clydesdale. "

The home was designed as a collaboration between the Kovacs and Clydesdale Frames' in-house team. The Kovacs took their initial floor plans and elevation sketches to Clydesdale Frames and worked remotely over the next few months, making changes and adjustments until they knew the plans were perfect for them. 

The home started as a full timber frame home and transitioned during budget cuts into a timber frame hybrid, combining timber framing over the main entertainment areas and traditional stick framing in the secondary areas. Timber frame accents were added in the stick frame areas such as: the scissor trusses in the upstairs hallway, timber posts in the master bedroom, and timber structure over the bathtub in the master bath. This helped to tie in the stick frame areas to the main timber frame.

Project Images:

Hybrid Timber Frame Home

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