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Simpson SET-3G Epoxy Anchoring Adhesive


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The Simpson Strong-Tie SET-3G is an epoxy-based anchoring adhesive with high design strength and proven performance. It is a 1:1 ratio, two-component, anchoring adhesive for concrete. SET-3G offers the perfect combination of strength and affordability of any anchoring adhesives. Perfect when used with the 7/8″ threaded rod in our Post Base Anchor Kits.

Available in an 8.5-oz tube with a standard caulking gun or in a 22-oz side-by-side tube (requires a dual tube dispenser). Each tube also comes with a mixing nozzle.

  • Exceptional performance — superior bond strengths permit ductile solutions in high seismic areas.
  • Design flexibility — improved sustained load performance at elevated temperatures.
  • Jobsite versatility — can be specified for all base material conditions.
  • Low-odor formulation.
  • Manufactured in the USA using global materials.
  • During the installation of SET-3G, when the correct installation processes are followed, there is no performance difference between water-saturated concrete, water-filled holes, or submerged concrete.
  • One 8.5-oz tube will secure your threaded rod at 4 post base locations, while the 22-oz tube will yield enough for 10 post bases (when following Simpson’s installation instructions and allowing 30% overage).
Cartridge Size

8.5-oz. Standard, 22-oz. Side-by-Side

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