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26x36 Timber Frame Carport

26×36 Heavy Timber Carport

Are you looking for a great looking, roomy structure with a clear span uninterrupted by central posts? This 26×36 timber frame carport may just very well fit the bill!  With actual measurements of 36’ x 25’ 3 ¾”  to the outside of the posts, that makes over 911 square feet of open space for you to utilize as you see fit!  You can park two full size super duty trucks in this carport while only using 2 of the bays.

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26x36 Timber Frame Carport

26×36 Timber Frame Carport

Take a good look at the beautiful and functional 26×36 timber frame carport! It has over 900 square feet of clear span space to serve whatever purpose you have in mind. The generous proportions means you can park two super

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Timber Frame Joint Tutorial

Timber Framing Tools

Whether you are new to timber framing or an experienced professional having the right tool for the job makes the work more enjoyable and accurate. Like other trades, timber framing comes with its distinct set of tools.  Some of the

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