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Purlin Ridge to King Post Connection

Purlin Ridge Beam to King Post

This purlin ridge to king post example shows a ridge connecting to the top of a king post, if you are using purlins in your roof framing system.  It may look hard to cut but trust me it looks harder than it is.  The simplest way to beaver out this joint it is to use a mortiser to cut the tenon, then cut the roof pitch angle on the king post.  After that a little clean up with a chisel is all that is needed.  It is held together with two pegs, allowing a nice clean looking joint.  If the tenon is not needed or wanted you can attach the ridge to the king post with a couple of structural screws.

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Timber Frame Purlin Ridge Beam to King Post

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2 thoughts on “Purlin Ridge to King Post Connection”

  1. Love the 3D feature here, however – where are the peg holes for the king-post tennon on top? Obviously there are two pegs going in to lock the ridge beam to the king-post but I see no peg holes in the exploded view…

  2. In our drawings we only show the peg holes in the pieces that you predrill the holes during the cutting process of the timber. So in this example when laying out and cutting the ridge, you would predrill the pegs holes. However, when cutting the king post you would not pre drill the peg holes for the ridge. It is during the preassembly process that you would drill those holes. That is why they are missing in the tenon on the king post.

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