Hammer Beam Truss Detail

Hammer Beam Truss

This joint has become one of my favorite ways to join a principal rafter to a post.  It offers a clean look and allows a plate to join to the post with a spline and a tie beam that can handle sustained tension.  A basic mortise and tenon in the rafter and post with a diminished housing allows the tenon and rafter to bear directly on the post and then the through-bolted tie beam resists any outward thrust of the roof.  

Hammer Beam Truss  Transparent

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2 thoughts on “Hammer Beam Truss Detail”

  1. In a high snow load area this is a hard one to pencil from an engineering standpoint. The load on the truss from the brace gets quite large. They look great but just aren’t efficient structurally. As much as a like them I wince when I see them on a new project.

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