Confluence Fabrication Reclaimed Douglas Fir Farm Stand

Project Information


Confluence Fabrication Co.


Confluence Fabrication Co .

Timber Framer:

Confluence Fabrication Co.

Project Location:

Port Townsend, Washington

Wood Species:

Reclaimed Douglas Fir

Project Description:

At the crest of the lavender and rye covered hill, where San Juan and Discovery Avenues meet, now stands a Douglas Fir -framed community gathering place and farm stand. Conceived as a “knuckle” for two future timber additions, the frame will grow with the intentional, agriculture-rooted neighborhood’s bloom. Intersecting gable roofs rest atop an atypical tripod post and plate system, and resulting compound knee braces, comprise the structure. Hidden within the interior roof geometry, is a symbol of peace, a long-standing motif established by the land’s politically active, previous owners. A welcomed partnership with the Port Townsend Preservation Alliance, CedarRoot Craft School, and Pacific Northwest Timbers, and indefatigable local craftspeople allowed for the rapid execution of this ambitious frame and instructional clinic in just 21 days.

Project Images:

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