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Contractors Responsibilities Checklist

Contractors Responsibilities Checklist

General Responsibilities

  • Carrying out the desired plans and instructions of the clients
  • Effective communication skills when dealing with clients, professionals and local authorities

Financial Bid Process

  • Preparing Scope of work and RFP Documents
  • Establish a budget for the construction project and follow that budget as closely as possible
  • Draw Schedule and Breakdown – Used by the bank, owner and Contractor to help insure a smooth project
  • Prepare a monthly report – Containing a Budget Worksheet, copies of all Invoices, updated schedule and a overview of work completed that month and what is coming up.

Coordination of Construction

  • Adhering to the necessary building standards and safety regulations
  • Create and maintain a Construction Schedule
  • Ensuring the delivery of the needed materials and equipments
  • Calculate and correctly estimate the quantity of materials to be used
  • Having a site superintendent on site or be there constantly
  • Recruiting and hiring qualified subcontractors who will aid in the construction process
  • Liaison between the owner and the craftsmen on issues of concern

This post is in response to a question I was recently asked by Ken, from S.C. about what exactly a contractor does to earn his fee.  Do you have any responsibilities you think I should add, if so leave a note in the comments below.

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