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5 Reasons to Build a Screened Porch

A timber frame screened porch is a welcoming feature that adds character and charm to a home. Here are five reasons why homeowners should consider building a screened porch:

Timbered Screened Porch

1. A Screened Porch Stops Pesky Insect Intruders

The most obvious purpose for a screened porch is to thwart invading flies, mosquitoes and other unwelcome creeping guests from ruining your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Avoid harmful insecticides and annoying bug zappers without missing another sunset and the pleasant sights and sounds of twilight. Enjoy a catnap free from the persistent buzz of a winged invader humming in your ear. A screened porch also creates an extra barrier between the interior of your home and the bugs outside.

2. A Screened Porch Expands Your Living Space

A screened porch provides a quiet reading nook, a well-ventilated crafting area or an intimate space for casual entertaining. Children play contentedly and safely without scattering their toys throughout the family room. There is no need to set up a tent or other gear for an impromptu campout, and lunch becomes a picnic with no extra effort on your part. A screened porch adds valuable square footage to your home.

3. A Screened Porch Enhances Curb Appeal

Porches add charm to any home, a welcoming entry that extends beyond the front door. A screened porch is a striking feature that will make your home a notable presence in the neighborhood. Visitors are enveloped by hospitality between the front path and the front door. A porch also works as a drop zone for muddy shoes or wet umbrellas after it has sheltered your guests from inclement weather.

4. Enjoy the Rain as well as the Sunshine

Timber Screen Porch With Swing
This timber-framed screened porch would be a great place to kick back, read a book or relax and watch the trees grow.

A sudden summer shower can be an exhilarating display of natural beauty rather than an occasion to run frantically into the house. The midday sun is subdued by the cool shade of your screened porch. Weather extremes are kept in check, increasing the time you can spend outdoors and making the turn of seasons that much more enjoyable. Windows under the protection of the porch roof are better protected from cold winds and full sun, making an impact on your utility bills.

5. Experience Nature in Relative Privacy

Casually drinking a cup of coffee in your pajamas, practicing yoga and even sneaking a midnight snack are more pleasant in the tranquil peace of nature. A screened porch provides some seclusion while allowing you to connect with the environment. Relaxing pursuits are uninterrupted by the prying eyes of neighbors.

Adding a screen porch creates a restful retreat that will become a cherished space in your home.

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