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Punch Up The Charm Factor Of Your Timbered Home

If you’re considering a timber frame home, you’ve already got the charm factor going for you. By its very nature, a timbered home is charming straight out of the box. You’ve got old world, contemporary or rustic charm just oozing through the trusses.

Charm Factor -Timber Frame LoftHowever, if you want to add a little extra panache to personalize your dream home, there are a number of ways in which you can add to the charm factor. Dream all you want, but when it comes down to implementing your plans, sit down with your contractor’s design team or an architect to ensure that your ideas are doable in a cost-effective manner that won’t undermine the integrity of your home’s structure.

Give Your Property A Timber Frame Look

When guests arrive at your property, wow them with the charm factor from the moment they turn down the lane. Whether you have a lot in a suburb or a great piece of property in the country, welcome visitors and passersby with a hint of what lies ahead.
You can start with a timber frame fence across the front of your yard. Substantial posts with shaped finials and post and beam construction add a substantial look to your property perimeter. Add a timber frame gable roof over a gateway, or perhaps a sturdy trellis to surround your footpath entryway.

Pergolas and pavilions, done in a timber frame style, add attractive living space to your yard. Your porch roof can be supported with post and beam styling, and the porch roof can feature timber frame trusses.

Add brackets and bracing under eaves and at the corners for additional timber frame charm.

Play Up Your Home’s Exterior With Special Touches

Your timber frame home will have a unique look with the exposed posts and beams, but you can accentuate the look with the additional use of other natural materials.

Stone is natural to use with timber frame construction, so consider building a great stone chimney. Stone can be used to face exterior walls, create a porch and steps or to face support columns.

Skirl siding, which is irregular, textured cedar siding or shingles, complements the natural look of a timber frame home. This siding is becoming very popular and is a durable material that accentuates timber frame styling. This wood can be finished with a protective seal to maintain the cedar coloring or left to slowly weather naturally.

Trusses Do More Than Hold Up Your Roof – They Add the Charm Factor

Of course, simple trusses are the most inexpensive trusses to build your home, but strategically locating more decorative trusses can add a lot of interest to your room.

As you walk through your front entry into your great room, a stunning hammer beam truss in view across the room is bound to add instant appeal. King post trusses are equally striking, and a series of scissor trusses in a cathedral ceiling room is very impressive. There are a number of custom designed trusses that your design team can suggest to offset the beauty of your home.

Millwork That Plays Up The Beauty Of The Wood

Using millwork to emphasize the timbers in your home is another way to punch up the wood theme in your home. Baseboards, crown molding, window and door trim that matches the styling of your timbers adds to the charm of your timber frame home. A great mantel over your fireplace becomes a focal point in the room and adds a custom look.

The material you choose for your flooring can also add to the charm factor of your timber frame home. Salvaged wood planks from old buildings give your home an earthy, country look. Narrow, finely finished hardwood flooring will lend an elegant, refined appearance.

Slate or stone flooring in an entryway or foyer adds drama, while tile with a handmade appearance gives a warm and inviting look to a kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

Mix floor coverings to emphasize the different areas of your home. Using different materials and textures in floor coverings can add interest and energy to your decorating style.

Decorate To Accentuate Timber Frame Styling

Your furniture can also take a cue from your home’s timbers. By using the same type of wood stain on your furniture as the exposed timbers, you’re emphasizing the timbers and creating visual harmony.

If you want a rustic atmosphere, choose a hand-hewn look in wooden pieces with a massive style. For elegant decorating, choose more refined furniture to act as a counterpoint.

Whether you prefer a rustic country, contemporary, European Gothic revival or an elegant English manor look, your timber frame home is up to the decorating challenge. Just make sure to check with your designer or architect to ensure that your ideas won’t blow your budget, and your customization is structurally sound.

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  1. My husband and I were actually considering using salvaged wood for our interior wood decor like you suggested. We like that ancient feel that comes with old wood, and I’ve heard that old wood is actually more durable than new wood. I really like the idea of having a mantel as the centerpiece of the room, so I’ll see if the house design my husband and I are putting together can fit a fireplace with a nice, salvaged-wood mantel.

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