Episode 5 – A Chat With Joel McCarty about the Timber Framers Guild

In this episode, we have a chat with Joel McCarty, the Executive Director of the Timber Framers Guild(TFG) about the organization and what it does.  We go in depth about the upcoming TFG Conference in Leesburg, VA, the various projects that they have had this year, as well as touch base and find out about the newly formed Apprenticeship Program.  Towards the end of the interview, we gain some insight into the state of the industry by Joel having a friendly cup of tea.

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A little bit about the Guild taken from their website:

The Timber Framers Guild was born in 1985 as a nonprofit [501c(3)], educational organization. A core group met in houses and workshops and called a charter conference in June 1985. 200 enthusiastic people met in a spirit of discovery and fellowship that remains very much alive today. The Guild is dedicated to establishing training programs for professional and beginning timber framers, disseminating information about timber framing and timber frame building design, displaying the art of timber framing to the public, and generally serving as a center of timber framing information for the professional and general public alike.

Guild Project Links:

Kentucky Pavilion Project

The Old Stone House

Enger Pavilion


Episode 5 – Timber Frame Talk Radio

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3 thoughts on “Episode 5 – A Chat With Joel McCarty about the Timber Framers Guild”

  1. Hi Joel
    Just Aline wondering why I seem to have been removed from the guilds TTRAG chat page. I always tried to pass on my personal experiences of broad axing, timberframing in the historical context, plus many other aspects of early timber work.
    I enjoyed helping your group in its early formative years by presenting at 2 guild conferences and helping set them up .
    I have been contacted by many by. Email as to where I have dissapeared to, I said I would find out if possible,
    Please let me know why this happened without any warning
    Richard casselman
    The northern hewer

  2. Most of the Guild’s programming has shifted to Facebook and other platforms, so the old TTRAG Forum no longer exists. The Guild also has more in-person programs to support the Traditional Timber-framing community, so we invite folks to participate in programs for the public or to join the Guild as members or partners. … Eric Howard, Executive Director.

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