24×36 A Frame Cabin

A Frame Cabin in the Snow

Have you been dreaming of combining the craft of timber frame with the iconic form of an A-frame? Look no further! If you are an experienced timber framer, this is a great project to utilize the skills you have. This 24x36 A-Frame has loads of character with the cruck-style braces and curved collars. The steeply pitched roof creates a soaring ceiling and ample headroom in the loft bedroom. The four A-frame exterior faces provide plenty of opportunity to bring in natural light. 

  • First Floor 756 s/f; 
  • Second Floor 312 s/f 
  • Total Heated 1068 s/f 

This plan set includes the interior layout for a kitchen, dining area, great room bath, stairs and loft bedroom. The bedroom loft sits above the sitting area and bathroom , and overlooks the great room and kitchen. Those open spaces have soaring ceilings! 

We give you plenty of information when you purchase this plan! You will receive links to download the plan set PDFs. The construction set has 19 pages full of 3D drawings, dimensioned post, beam and roof plans, and lots of section drawings. We include detail drawings and elevations. The piece drawing set contains 60 pages showing you every timber in 2D and 3D, with all the cuts dimensioned. And we include timber and connector lists so you know exactly what materials you need to purchase.

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Our plans provides detailed, easy-to-follow digital blueprints, perfect for DIY enthusiasts aiming to build their own timber frame structure.

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Like this plan but need it change it a little, what about engineered?  Don't worry we got your back when it comes any and all details.

Ready-To-Raise™ Kit

Contact us today to get a quote on a the timber frame, enclosure system and all the parts and pieces, all delivered to your site.

24x36 A-Frame Plan (06762) Interactive 3D Model
24x36 A-Frame Plan (06762) Plan Overview
24x36 A-Frame Plan (06762) Piece Overview

We understand that every  space is unique, so we offer extensive customization options for our plans along with a complete kit. Choose from various sizes, roof styles, and finishes to match your style and landscape. Our design team is dedicated to helping you create the perfect home plan that reflects your vision. 

Here's How You Can Reach Us:

  • Phone: Speak directly with our friendly experts by calling 888-552-9379. We're available 9-5, M-F to answer your questions and provide personalized advice.
  • Email: Prefer to write to us? Send your inquiries, ideas, or feedback to projects@timberframehq.com. We strive to respond to all emails within one business day.
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What's Included

Design and Engineering

Timber Frame Design and Engineering Services

We take immense pride in our team of exceptionally skilled timber frame designers. Each member is not only equipped with the finest tools but also possesses a profound understanding of how different materials intricately come together to realize your vision. This deep expertise in both design and material synergy is crucial in crafting the ideal timber frame structure tailored just for you.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our engineering team, specialists in timber frame structures, many of whom hold doctorates in their field. Sharing your passion for timber framing, our engineers work closely with you, ensuring that every aspect of the frame's design is customized to suit your specific location. This collaborative process guarantees that you receive all necessary documentation for permits, including detailed engineered reaction diagrams, ensuring your construction proceeds smoothly and stays on schedule.

The culmination of this meticulous process is a comprehensive set of construction drawings. These detailed plans not only provide a clear guide for your kit's assembly but also include a complete list of timbers and fasteners, serving as an invaluable reference throughout the installation of your frame. Our goal is to ensure that every step, from initial design to final construction, is seamless, transparent, and perfectly aligned with your project's needs.

Timbers, Joinery and Connections

Timber Frame Joinery and Connections Offered

After we've collaboratively chosen the ideal wood type for your project, we proceed to source the highest quality timber through our network of trusted mills. Ensuring that every piece meets our exacting standards, we then transport the timber to one of our cutting facilities. There, the joinery is meticulously crafted using CNC machines. Every joint, drilling, mortise, and tenon is cut with precision, adhering to tight tolerances for impeccable quality and fit.

Following the cutting process, all timbers are systematically labeled according to the production numbers assigned during the creation of your model and plans. This meticulous process ensures that every component of your timber frame is prepared with the utmost attention to detail, ready for the next phase of your project.

Included with your package are all the pegs, fasteners, screws, and connectors you need to put your ready-to-raise frame together. You will also get a detailed list for you to refer to while raising your frame.

Shipping and Delivery

Ready To Raise™ Timber Frame Kit Delivery

We carefully package and securely transport your timber frame and all necessary hardware directly to your location. In sync with you, we'll coordinate the delivery schedule, ensuring that we agree on an approximate time on the designated date. To facilitate a smooth and safe unloading process, it's important to have equipment on hand capable of lifting up to 5,000 lbs. Once everything is delivered and in place, the exciting phase of bringing your project to life begins.

Project Support

Timber Frame Project Manager

At Timber Frame HQ, we embrace the philosophy of 'One Person, One Project.' This approach ensures that each client is paired with a dedicated Project Manager who will be your point of contact throughout the entire project. We believe in offering personalized, consistent support to make your journey with us as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing exceptional timber frames. As your construction resource, we'll be by your side for the duration of your project, ready to offer expert advice, support, and answers to all your queries. Our goal is to make the process of raising your timber frame not just successful, but also a deeply rewarding experience.

We invite you to visit our '
About Us' page to learn more about our values, our team, and how we can bring your timber framing vision to life with a touch of personal care and professional excellence.

Enclosure System

Timber Frame Enclosure System

Our team can provide you with a complete Ready To Raise™ Enclosure System for your project, whether just for your roof or a complete enclosure.  We will work with you to sort out the best options and product, then deliver it with all the window and door openings and the electrical chase cut-out ready for installation.   You can read more about your options in our in-depth article "Timber Frame Enclosure Systems".

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13 thoughts on “24×36 A Frame Cabin”

  1. Katrina Williams

    You could add a small second bedroom if you floored in the loft area over the kitchen. If you need our help with that, check out our Custom Design services here.

  2. Katrina Williams

    This is the information on our website. If you want access to the full timber list you need to purchase the plans. Keep in mind, we offer a 30-day guarantee. If the timber sizing doesn’t work for you, let us know within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price.
    Posts – 8×8
    Girts – 8×10, 8×12
    Collar Ties – 8×12
    Ridge –6×10
    Rafters – 8×10
    Purlins –6×6
    Ridge Beam –6×10
    Braces – Wind Braces- 8×10

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