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Tidbits – A Natural Union: Timber Frames and Straw Bales

Timber frames and straw bales home
Photo courtesy of Andrew Morrison
A timber frame home clothed in straw bales and plaster is one like no other – a unique home perfectly adapted to any climate and full of whimsy. The techniques for creating a beautiful straw and timber home are simple,

Three cones intersecting

Tidbits – “An alchemy of solids”: L’Art du Trait

Patrick Moore is the only Compagnon Passant Charpentier in the Americas, having completed the traditional technical education for craftsmen and artisans dating to the Middle Ages that includes the “Tour-de-France,” the “tour” throughout France doing apprenticeships with masters.

New Energy Works home

Tidbits – Beyond the Frame: Discovering Timber Frame Styles

When you describe a timber frame home to your friends, what do they immediately picture? We all know what those unfamiliar with the craft see in their minds eye: a log cabin. But ask Mike Beganyi, a designer who works with New Energy Works, and a world of beauty and diverse design appears. In a recent article in New England Home, Mr. Beganyi.

Reciprocal Roof Model

Tidbits – Supporting Structure: The Reciprocal Roof

The elegance of a reciprocal roof, where each rafter is supported by the previous, creating a beautiful, self-supporting structure, is undeniable. The challenge is in calculating the angle of the roof, and author Daniel Siepman addresses in clear and simple terms in his post, “Simple calculations on a reciprocal roof.”

Tidbits – Checks In Timber Frames

Wood scientist Ron Anthony and engineer Jim DeStefano collaborated to write a bulletin on “seasoning checks,” which are separations of the wood along the grain that occur as the wood dries. Although they may look dramatic, in some cases as a single, wide, and deep separation, seasoning checks are not defects; in fact, it’s rare to find a timber that does not have checks!

pegged connections article

Tidbits – Capacity of Pegged Connections

If you are utilizing wooden pegs in your timber frame structure, we recommend close reading of Capacity of Pegged Connections, by Joe Miller, Ph.D. and P.E. Dr. Miller has devoted substantial study to the capacity of wood pegs as they … Tidbits – Capacity of Pegged Connections Read More »

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