pistol grip drill for timber framing small

Best Pistol Grip Drills for Timber Framing

Just about every homeowner and timber framer has pistol grip drills. They are about as standard as hooks are for anglers. But distinguishing the good from the not-so-good or a great heavy duty drill may not be a straightforward as hook line and sinker. What distinguishes a terrific drill for DIY projects and timber framers comes down […]

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What Is the Best Heavy Duty Drill For Timber Framing

Best Heavy Duty Drill For Timber Framing

In many ways, these heavy duty drills are a dual purpose tool. Professionals that use these tools need to get two basic functions out of them, mixing and boring big holes. Accomplishing both of those jobs requires speed, torque, handle versatility and durability. Depending on trade and work needs, your choice may be based on a tool’s […]

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