Preface – Creating a Timber Frame House : A Step by Step Guide

Creating a Timber Frame HouseAfter working on projects with folks and after getting your questions, it was easy to see some common threads.  So I developed this Ebook with the goal of answering those questions and to set your mind at ease  in order for you to more fully enjoy the  process of creating a timber frame house.  If you take away just one thing and put it into action, that will be incredible.

I have presented the Preface of the book here for you to review and enjoy. If you would like to purchase this book you can here on the site in PDF form, or visit Amazon to purchase it on the Kindle Platform. If you are on the fence, check out the first 4 chapters by signing up for our mailing list on the right in the side bar.

Building a timber frame home is a dream that probably began as a tiny seed of an idea. Maybe you saw an interesting article in a magazine or website. Perhaps you were taking a Sunday drive and you passed a structure or home that stood out to you.  Either way you were struck with its massive, rugged beauty and were left with an impression that just wouldn’t go away.

Over time, that kernel of an idea sprouted and began to fill out. You started spending time researching timber framing online and the different companies that construct them. Next, you started looking at specific house plans and layouts that personified your idea of a perfect home. Then, perhaps you went on to envision interior designs and how you would decorate this awesome dream house.Now that the daydreaming is over,  and you’ve decided this is the lifestyle for you, it’s time to get organized and do something. This Ebook is meant to provide a guideline with helpful ideas and information for someone who is seriously considering building a timber frame home.

If you’re still in the daydreaming stage, it will give you an overview of the kinds of decisions and plans you need to work on. If you’ve already begun your quest, this Ebook will help you consolidate the work you’ve done and help you focus on what should be accomplished next. I used the word lifestyle in a previous paragraph. When you consider the amount of work and planning a timber frame home takes to create, and the amount of time that you are going to spend on this project, it really does become a lifestyle. You may be very fortunate and go from start to finish in a year or so. However, many families spend five years from conception to final walk-through. So, at least for a period of time, building your home really does become a lifestyle.

That idea of lifestyle carries over when you move into your timber frame home. You’ve built a home that is incredibly energy efficient, styled with open living spaces and most likely not confined to a 40-foot wide urban piece of land. Your timber frame home is an extension of a way of life that appeals to you and your family. Let’s take some time to get familiar with the realities of building a timber frame home, and see if it’s all you thought it would be.
I hope this Ebook will clear up some misconceptions, answer some questions and describe the basic procedure that a family will go through in creating the house they can call home for generations.

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