Spotlight: Mike and Kim Shenton and M & K Timber Works

M & K Timber Works is located in the town of Fleetwood, in the mountains of North Carolina. The company is owned and managed by the husband and wife team of Mike and Kim Shenton. They began their timber frame journey when they decided to build their own home with logs and timbers. Through that project, they discovered how much they “loved the timber framing craft and hard work”, so they decided to venture out and start their own business.

photo-from-jul-18-2015-croppedM & K Timberworks is a small, family-based business that offers affordable timber frames. They also work with homeowners and allow them to bring in their own subcontractors to assist with raising the frame.  Because of this and their low overhead, they are able to offer affordable timber frames to their customers.

Mike and Kim took the time to eloquently write down their story for us, so we will include it here, in its entirety:

“Two people who eat, sleep, work, and play together really can make their small business successful.  We’ve always been extreme lovers of logs and timbers incorporated into cabin style living, so what better way to experience the reality of having one than by learning to build one for ourselves.  It was quite a unique endeavor, and we chose at that time, to build a small log cabin done in a very primitive fashion.  Through much physically hard work, heat, sweat, and time, we finally accomplished our little log cabin in the woods.

1454749_10151860884213778_900851949_nAs time went by we became interested in the timber frame style of building, so Mike enrolled in a timber framing apprenticeship for a few weeks and was instantly smitten with the mortise and tenon style craft.  Our next project was designing a simple and modest high posted cape timber frame, encompassing about 1400 sq. ft., for us to live in.  We loved everything about it.  The glow of the firelight on the posts and beams, the smell of all the wood, the cozy feel, and the beautiful sassafras half spiral staircase that Mike designed and we built together.  It took a long time to complete, as we both worked other jobs, and did every facet of the building ourselves.  The neighbors referred to it as “the slow house”.  After completion we not only dwelled there, but we used it as our sample timber frame so Mike could give up the job he didn’t love, for a profession he finally felt passionate about.  We soon acquired three excited 100_5262clients just by allowing our home to be on display with minimal advertising.   This was the beginning of rewarding work and fulfilling working relationships.

A few years down the road have brought us to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where we decided to purchase a Wood Mizer sawmill to cut our own timbers for what is now our 1450 sq. ft.  mountain style chalet that Mike and I designed.   Some of the timbers came from our property, and the rest from a local supplier.  Eastern White Pine is plentiful here, plus we love the knotty appearance it offers.   We have since built homes, barns, hybrids, additions, and porches through the years, and have never hired an employee to help us.  We think that’s what sets our business apart from others.  Also, when it comes time for the frame raising, we work with whomever the owner makes available to help assist.

It’s important to say that we’ve truly been blessed with wonderful clients from eleven states throughout the U.S., most of whom we have kept in touch with over the years.  As long as good health prevails, we will be working alongside one another and building many more beautiful timber frames to come.”

fullsizerenderKim sums up, “We are proud of each and every one of our frames upon completion.  Just knowing that the frame will be standing for many years to come is our legacy.”

We asked M & K Timber Works what has been their most challenging project, and they told us it is probably the frame they are working on currently. It is a 36′ x 96’ event barn with a lot of steel engineered into the structure.  As they say, “Incorporating the steel is something we haven’t done on any of our other frames.”

Mike and Kim are proud to be able to offer their customers timber frames that they thought they couldn’t afford. As they say,” The price of timber frames is probably why a lot of people shy away from them.  We offer very affordable pricing and most of our clients have stated that until they found our web site, they thought having one would be unattainable.”

Would you like to find out more about M & K Timber Works? Here are various ways:


Address:  M & K Timber Works

Box 102

Fleetwood, NC  28626

Home number: 336-877-1856

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  1. …I’ m bummed that you let this little secret out. I have been following and looking at all their their work on the web. Very close to my property that we plan to build on in the future…guess it will be a little longer… as I’m afraid their schedule just got fuller.

  2. Congratulations, love your
    Work. I really like big timbers in a building. The bigger the tombers the more I like it. Keep up the good work.


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