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Simpson Strong-Tie CPS7 8×8 Standoff Base


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The CPS is a composite-plastic standoff base designed for use both indoors and outdoors to add a space in between your timber frame post and concrete slab. The CPS attaches to the bottom of your posts and to concrete with a threaded rod and epoxy. The CPS has a load rating of 10,335 pounds and so will have some limitations in larger frames but is perfect in smaller timber frames and projects.

  • Provides code-required 1″ standoff between the timbers and slab
  • Black finish for a custom look
  • Use in conjunction with the Timber Linx A475 connector to make a bomb-proof post-base connection.
  • Actual dimensions 7 1/4″ x  1 1/4″ x  7 1/4″
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