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Concentrated Finishing Oil – Heritage Natural Finish consists of the same oils and solids found in their Original Finish, but it is more concentrated and has less citrus solvent. This product makes a beautiful top coat in high moisture areas, countertops, and floors. Concentrated Finishing Oil is best applied by hand or with a commercial sprayer. It is ideal for reclaimed wood or absorbent wood species.  It really excels at beautifying furniture, softwood floors, reclaimed timbers, weathered exteriors, weathered wood anywhere, earthen floors or even concrete floors. It is recommended to power buff with a terry cloth pad, or thick cotton towel under the white pad with the edges tucked under and held by the buffing wheel for fine woodwork or for floors.  You can also rub on thin coats with an old T-shirt or soft cotton cloth. For earthen floors, it is best to build up 4-6 coats of oil, let it dry to the touch and then buff in a coat or two of Heritage Natural Finish’s Liquid Wax End Sealer beautiful finished product.

Although it is not necessary, wet sanding and buffing between coats produce a fabulous finish. You can also use Concentrated Finishing Oil on very dry timber as the initial coat so you need fewer overall coats.

All Heritage Oil Finishes are non-toxic, biodegradable, and sustainable. They use absolutely NO heavy metals or driers of any kind, which means that their products take longer to dry, but they penetrate deeper, which prevents wrinkling due to uneven drying.

You can apply these finishes in cold temperatures. There’s really no minimum range. However, the colder it is, the slower it soaks in and dries so apply thinner coats, be sure to wipe off what doesn’t soak in after a few hours and wait longer to apply the subsequent coats.

Coverage: Approx. 400 square feet per gallon or 500 board feet per gallon; rough-sawn materials tend to absorb more, and wood density affects coverage. Softer woods like pine or reclaimed Doug-fir will absorb more than denser woods such as hickory. The second coat will give you more coverage than the first coat.  And obviously dry wood will soak up a lot more oil than green timbers. You should order more than you think you need, rather than less. The finish keeps indefinitely when stored properly with minimal air exposure.

Clean Up: For spills, overspray, or to clean up brushes, use Heritage Natural Finishes’ Pure Citrus Solvent or other solvents such as turpentine, mineral spirits, etc.
Sizes: 4oz sample size, quarts, one-gallon paint can, 3-gallon steel pail with pour spout lid, 5-gallon steel pail with pour spout lid.

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