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Mortise and Tenon With A Timberlinx Connector

Timber Linx 095

Mortise and Tenon with Timber Linx ConnectorIn this joinery detail we join a post to a beam with a Timberlinx A095 Connector.  There is a stub tenon to act as a locator and to ensure you cannot see through the beam and post after the timber dries a bit.  It also has a diminished housing to increase the bearing surface for the beam.  These connectors can take quite a bit of tension and this is where they are employed more and more in today’s timber frames.

Armed with a 1 1/8” drill bit and some patience, you can utilize these connectors in your project.  They come in several different sizes and configurations to meet your needs.  You can find out more information about them on their website at http://www.timberlinx.com/tech.php.

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