Larry Cox Fir and Pine Pavilion

Fir and Pine Pavilion

Project Information


Timber Frame HQ


Larry Cox

Timber Framer:

Larry Cox / Old Country Construction

Project Location:

Penrose, Co

Wood Species:

Douglas Fir

Project Description:

16′ x 24′ hammer beam pavilion. Timberframe materials are Doug fir salvaged from Junkins burn fire near Wetmore, Co. with Joe Grisenti doing the logging. The ceiling materials are Ponderosa pine beetle kill with heavy blue staining. I sawed all of the lumber on my Timberking B-20 sawmill. Once all of the timbers were sawn, Seth Dinlinger did all of the mortise and tenoning and together with his crew and we did the raising. Thank you Tchaikovsky for the plans.

Project Images:

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5 thoughts on “Larry Cox Fir and Pine Pavilion”

  1. Magnificent frame! That it was harvested from pine beetle kill and forest fire makes it even more magnificent. Larry Cox should be one proud dude.

  2. Hi Larry, congratulations on finishing that beautiful structure. I just wrapped up one of my own, after 18 months of work. Here long did this project take you?

  3. Hi Mike,
    I first started with the demolition of an old patio covering in early March 2020. Then the leveling and pouring of the concrete pad. All said and done as pictured was completed the first week of September. Good for you for completing one yourself! Am anxious to start another project soon.

  4. Scott Uhranowsky

    I cannot stop looking at the photos. Excellent job, you should be so proud!! I am currently building the from the same plans plus an extra bent! Do you have any pointers? 😉

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