Episode 4 – Digging Into General Contracting with Eric Morley

In this episode my guest will be Eric Morley with Carolina Timberworks, a contractor and timber framer.  We are going to dig into what a contractor is, the process of getting one, talk about the DIY home builder, his thoughts on the timber frame industry and where he sees it going.  We follow it all up with a tip from Eric about the real cost of contracting a house and a online resource called Houzz.com that may help you communicate your thoughts and visions to your architect or designer.

General Contracting - Eric Morley Photography
The Freese residence on Lake James, NC, copyright Eric Morley Photography

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Questions for the guest:

  1. Can you tell us little bit about yourself and the path you have been on to get to where you are today?
  2. What what does the contractor do?
  3. Often folks find the contractor after the design is completed. Do you find this troubling and when you think folks should find and hire the contractor.
  4. Can you walk us through how you would go out and find a contractor for your home and what the major steps that must be taken before construction begins.
  5. You have a unique role in that you offer a full turnkey solution to your projects as well as just a timber frame subcontractor. So working as a sub contractor for contractors and do-it-yourselfers do you have some tips for contractor that you’d like to share to make their timber frame projects run smoother?
  6. I’m sure that as a timber frame subcontractor you’ve come across some clients that are planning on contracting her own projects.  If you have any advice for this group of people as they start down
  7. Eric Morley - Carolina Timberworks the road of building their own house.
  8. You want to make a case to encourage folks to hire a contractor over doing it themselves?
  9. What liability does a contractor have both during and after the project that has a benefit someone who decides contract the home themselves.
  10. After doing some research in talking with you before the show is certainly been involved in the craft of timber framing for some time.  What have you learned about the industry over these years and where do you see it heading over the next five years?
  11. At the end of each show I like to leave the listeners with some tips or tricks that I’ve learned over the years and I want to give you a chance to give everyone your best tip or two with everyone.

A little about the guest:

  1. Business & Sales Manager of Carolina Timberworks (too dangerous to allow on site much…)
  2. 20 years & still can’t get out of the wood business
  3. BA 1986 UNC-Chapel Hill, MBA 1992 Appalachian State


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1 thought on “Episode 4 – Digging Into General Contracting with Eric Morley”

  1. Great program as Eric was straighforward on his business
    He hit on a big problem in cost plus
    As mentioned by you both, truth = transparency = trust = paid contract
    I liked his ” buy quality and you only cry once” too
    Finally in terms of industry consolidation would not SIP panel homes
    dovetail in to this industry tent?

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