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5 Benefits of Making a Construction Schedule

Building a timber frame home can be an intimidating and stressful venture. The benefits of making a construction schedule include keeping the project on track. Here are five reasons why a construction schedule is an important resource in the home-building process:

Benefits of Making a Construction Schedule - Kitchen1. Open Communication With Your Contractor

Laying out a schedule before you build your home puts you and the contractor on the same page. He can let you know what expectations are reasonable, and you will be able to see if the project is falling behind schedule. It also offers you some recourse if the contractor is not meeting deadlines for reasons that are well within their control.

2. Keeping Track of Your Budget

Seeing when certain aspects of the project will be completed gives you a better idea of when each payment will come due, either for supplies or for subcontractors. Paying for each phase in a timely manner will help the next stage of the project move forward on schedule.

3. Knowing When to Book Subcontractors

Construction Schedule

If you are hiring subcontractors, a construction schedule allows you to book them well in advance before they commit to other projects. If you intend to do some of the work yourself, like painting, you will know when to schedule vacation time, rent equipment or start purchasing supplies for the project.

4. Applying for Permits and Scheduling Inspections

There are municipal requirements to be met when building a home. Having a timeline of when each project will start allows time to apply for appropriate permits. Knowing when a task, such as electrical installation, will be complete makes it possible to schedule inspections so that the next phase can begin quickly.

5. Planning the Rest of Your Life

Life goes on even when a big project like home construction threatens to bring it to a standstill. Having an idea when your home-building project will be finished lets you plan other aspects of your life for fewer inconveniences. If you are renting a home, staying with relatives or trying to sell your current home, a construction schedule helps you make suitable arrangements. Knowing when the home will be move-in ready is especially helpful if you are expecting a new baby or building in a different community than your current home.

Construction schedules should be flexible and expect some delays, especially those related to weather or unforeseen emergencies. However, a construction schedule will aid you in maintaining control and cost on your timber frame home-building project.

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  1. It’s good to know that paying for each phase can help the next step of the project move on schedule. My brother is starting his project digging up powerlines and he wants to make sure he’s on schedule. He should also hire an inspector to make sure everything is up to code.

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