Best Mortise and Tenon Videos

We know that sometimes seeing it in action is better than a picture AND a thousand words – so we have scoured the web to find what we feel like are the best videos to illustrate cutting traditional mortise and tenon joinery. We’ve brought these videos together here, for you to learn and enjoy. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Brad Morse of Uncarved Block demonstrates how to cut traditional mortise and tenon joinery with ordinary carpentry tools you probably already have in your shop.

Rick Collins of Trillium Dell shows how to cut, hand tool and finish a tenon on a post for a white oak queen post frame.

From Bungalowinabox, cutting a mortise with a chain mortiser and hand finishing with a chisel.

Mark from Timberwolf Tools reveals the finer points of cutting a mortise with a Makita 7104L chain mortiser.

Our very own Brice Cochran teaches the way to make a tenon with a large circular saw using the drop cut method.

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