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Timber Frame Rafter Wall Pocket

Timber Frame Rafter Wall Pocket Detail

Just like last month’s detail this one relies on a conventionally framed wall to support a timber frame rafter, it can also be used to rest a beam on as well.  To create the timber frame rafter wall pocket, you nail or screw 2x material together to create a “stud post” that transfers the weight to the foundation, please note that solid blocking is needed to the foundation or sill plate.   The top plate is left off until the timber frame is raised and then it is installed to tie everything together.  A few structural screws tie the timbers to the wall.

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wall pocket detail

2 thoughts on “Timber Frame Rafter Wall Pocket”

    1. Brice Cochran

      The goal is to take the loads from the rafter and transfer them to the foundation. We have added 2x studs under the rafter but they usually end at the subfloor. So, if you are using TJI’s or an open web floor system you will need to add 2x blocking under the 2x stud to transfer the loads from them to the foundation.

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