Connext Post Base Detail

T-Rex Connector

A few months ago we were introduced to a new type of timber connector used in post and beam construction called a Connext Connector by the team at Connext.   We instantly liked the simplicity of the connector as well as the ease of use and installation.

The post base is a piece of anodized aluminum in the shape of a “T”.  One end gets screwed (in the case of this detail) with either a SKS or SKR concrete screws to the concrete, and the other end goes into a slot cut into the base of the post.  The post is then secured to the connector with some metal pins.

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6 thoughts on “Connext Post Base Detail”

  1. Hi,
    I am doing a project on pavilions, and I wanted to learn more about how this connection would look in auto cad, is it possible to get the AutoCAD drawings for it?

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