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Schaefer Cypress Party Pavilion

Project Information

Timber Framer:

Mike Schaefer, Art Appelgren, family & friends


Timber Frame HQ


Ellen Schaefer


Carved Wonders

Project Location:

Pottsboro, Texas

Wood Species:


Project Description:

Following a one week timber framing workshop at CSU, I designed and built some heavy sawhorses, then the TFHQ swing set, and on to the 20×20′ King Post with Shed Roof Plan, which I modified to become a 20×25′ open Party Pavilion. The project took 18 months, working part time. I took delivery of about $11k worth of cypress, fresh cut from “de swomps” of Louisiana and went to work with my hand tools. Along the way I discovered the need for a lot of bigger tools and a few replacement timbers as the lessons accumulated.
I had the help of my wife, Ellen, our sons Chris and David, and a host of friends and neighbors. Got plenty of advice from Brice along the way. I needed some expertise for final fitting and the raising, so I got Art Appelgren of Twisted Timber frame to spend several days helping and supervising. Finished the frame with a 2×6 tongue & groove ceiling and a standing seam metal roof.
Went full cycle from “I can do anything” to “I may be in over my head” to “What was I thinking” to “I’m sure glad I did this!”.
Now it’s party time at the Schaefer Party Pavilion!

Project Images:

2 thoughts on “Schaefer Cypress Party Pavilion”

  1. Wow! What a majestic structure! What a magnificent accomplishment! Can’t wait to see it up close. You are truly amazing! But I know you couldn’t have done it without Ellen.

  2. Very Nice! You might want to join the Timber Framers Guild. A great resource. Congratulations. The structure will give you many hours of enjoyment and pride.


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