Rafter to Rafter Mortise and Tenon Connection

Rafter to Rafter Mortise and Tenon Connection

There are a few ways to join two rafters together at the peak, one way that we have illustrated before is the tongue and fork connection.  In this detail a simple rafter to rafter mortise and tenon connection is used to simplify the process of cutting the joint.  Please note that the tenon and mortise are notched back from the edge of the rafters to insure that when you look up at the joint you never see the mortise hole after the frame has dried.

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4 thoughts on “Rafter to Rafter Mortise and Tenon Connection”

  1. My passion is to build my own timber frame home. I don’t know how to make the mortise & Tenon! Would you happen to have DVD or books!

  2. Lots going on here, Wife has cancer, daughter is just getting over cancer and at 73 I’m getting ready to build our 1st timber frame to get out of this trailer. I love this sight “Timberframe HQ” Got to be the best sight on the internet. Articles, detailed visuals, and loaded with understandable knowledge for the beginner like me as well as the pro. Thanks! to HQ, for making a vision, possible. Know to make it happen.

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