Otero Ferres – Eucalyptus Grandis Octagon

Project Information


Wasi Uruguay


Bazzurro Arquitectos

Wood Species:

Eucalyptus Grandis

Timber Framer:

Juan Manuel Otero Ferres

Project Location:

Carrasco Yacht party hall, Ciudad de la Costa, Uruguay

Project Description:

Finished works of assembling complete trusses according to plans, structures, placement of insulations and covers of the Carrasco Yacht party hall. Also from the perimeter metal structure walls were lined (inside durlock exterior siding painted Itauba wood. Decks were placed in galleries and multiple internal decorations were executed such as shelves, countertops and veneered in cedar wood. Work designed and directed by the I study Bazurro, full time of execution, 90 days.

Project Images:

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