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Livsey Douglas Fir Waterfront Pavilion

Livsey Douglas Fir Waterfront Pavilion

Project Information


Brian Livsey


Brian Livsey

Timber Framer:

Livsey & Fisher

Project Location:

Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island, Canada

Wood Species:

Douglas Fir

Project Description:

28 x 40’ waterfront pavilion designed to host outdoor classes, weddings, and repair boats.

Project Images:

Livsey Douglas Fir Waterfront Pavilion Model

2 thoughts on “Livsey Douglas Fir Waterfront Pavilion”

  1. Hi Wes

    The second photo shows as much of a plan as I had. Essentially a 20 by 20 inner square, overlaid with a 28 by 28 square which was turned 45 degrees. In effect the SIDES of the inner square became the HYPOTENUSE of a triangle added to 3 of the 4 sides. The fourth side facing the water was omitted so there wasn’t a post in the middle of the view, or a roof overhang to block the mountain tops. The back/lowest triangle was truncated to create enough space for a stone fireplace . The single pitch roof sloped at 10 degrees. 9 x 9 posts, 9 x 14 main beams, and lots of compound angle mortises to receive the various tenons. B

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