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Planning for a Awesome Timber Frame Master Bathroom

The master bath is a core component of a master bedroom suite of any home. A timber frame house plan offers homeowners a great chance to make their master bath beautiful and unique. Many consumers choose to use the complementary features of wood and stone to create an awesome place to live. Timber framing also enables the master bathroom to be more open and accessible.

Timber Frame Master Bathroom Stone or tile can also be added to the floor, tubs and vanities; timbers and stone play well against each other and create the feeling of comfort that is essential. Consumers are offered several options for the type of floor and vanities they are going to use in the master baths. The finished colors and textures should complement the exposed beams for the best décor. Using darker colored flooring such as marble or stone will go well with beams that are darker in color and texture. However, many homeowners choose to use ceramic or porcelain tile on their floor and in their tubs. Tile, granite and marble are all viable options and have their own appeals.

A timber frame usually comes with several options for the master bath. An open floor plan is usually preferred for a number of reasons. There is more room in the master bath when the floors are open.  Homeowners can then add their favorite tubs and vanities to the master bath. The doorway to the master bath should be large and feature beams that enclose the room and are visible in the walls and ceiling. The natural wood finish looks great and ensures a stunning master bath.

A timber frame house plan is the best way for homeowners to provide their bathroom with a unique feel. Using wood in the ceilings, doors and walls and stone on the floors and vanities will create a master bath that offers a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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