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Episode 1 – Introduction to Timber Frame Talk Radio

Welcome to the premiere episode of Timber Frame Talk Radio!  Today’s show will include an introduction of the host, Brice Cochran, and how he got into the timber framing industry.  The rest of today’s show will include an overview of what future shows will include as well as the first “Tips and Tricks” segment of the show.

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Part of the transcript of the show:

Two Main Reasons for the Show

  • You have to understand I love timber frames I work in one; I live in one and think they add a feeling of comfort and mass that is unmatched in some of the other construction methods. I want to share this passion with you not only for the craft but the benefits of this construction method.  If I can get you to add just one timber to your home I will be successful not only with this show but the website as well.  The most important thing is that I am transparent and share with you relevant and accurate information.  I not only plan to provide not only the homeowner, contractor, architect and timber framer with great information but want to put a fun spin on it as well.
  • So the second and perhaps the most important is I’m here to help you.  Planning and building a house is something I’m doing both for myself and for other folks.  And there is a lot I can go right and wrong in during the course of a construction project and while we all learn from our mistakes if I can share with you the mistakes I’ve made or the lessons of other professionals hopefully you will have more things go right things, than wrong in your project.

Format of Upcoming Shows

  • So the shows will be about 20 minutes to 30 minutes in long which is long enough to get really into depth on one or two particular topics but short enough so I don’t drag you along and waste your time and I also think it’ll force me as the host to make sure we hit on really important points right away.
  • First we will have some news and information about relevant topics of the day or trends in the building industry. Then we will move into the meat and potatoes of the show with an expert interview, I am planning to explore a wide range of topics not just timber frame based topic but questions on other build techniques as well.  This is the part of the show is where I want you to be able to take away something and do it right away. I am going to be asking all of my guests what’s working for them now and try to get them to tell us exactly what they are doing that is working so we can implement those things in our projects.
  • And after the meat and potatoes section we will include a tips and tricks time that I can share some tips that I have found or one shared by a listener or guest.  Remember this show is about giving you the information you need to make your construction project successful so if you have and questions you need answered, please drop me a note at feedback@timberframehq.com and if I do not know the answer I will find the best information to answer your question and if I feel it would benefit the listeners of the show I will share it with everyone.

Tips and Tricks

  • This week I share a tool that was created by Joe Bell with Cabin Creek Timber Frames that can help save a finger.  If you head over to his post here it will take you to his blog post explains exactly how to make it but basically as you’re scoring a line after you’ve laid out a timber before you cut a timber with either hand or power tools and after you’ve laid out where the all joinery needs to go, you score the line to both guide the tool and it gives you a nice clean crisp edge on your joinery.  This is usually done by taking a ruler and a razor knife and scoring the line but on more than one occasions I’ve personally heard and seen the carnage that can happen if the razor knife or hand holding the ruler slips…although it did not happen to me it didn’t look quite painful… Getting back to this tool, after seeing this happen a couple times in the shop Joe came up with a simple way to solve this problem.  He took a framing square and square cut off the inch and half side and welded it to the 2 inch side to form a T… This gives your finger a guard protecting it from the razor knife or your hand from slipping.

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  1. Brice,

    Well done. Best of luck with the station. Looking forward to listening to more and more of these podcasts and maybe participating

    Good luck!

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